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Re: Suggestions for e-mail client:

R. G. Newbury wrote:
I have been using thunderbird but unfortunately it saves all the messages in one large globular file. I cannot merge e-mails which have been retrieved/sent from different computers into one source.
I like the way thunderbird works, otherwise.
I need an e-mail client which keeps messages as single items (files) and which can rebuild its indexes of the messages in each folder without painful interventions, so that I can merely rsync the appropriate folder structure into one place for a full backup of all computers. (I have had these features for years using pmmail in OS/2 but I have made the switch and will not go back..but I do miss some things.)

Suggestions please.


Joachim Backes <joachim backes rhrk uni-kl de>
University of Kaiserslautern,Computer Center [RHRK],
Systems and Operations, High Performance Computing,
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