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Re: OT: Suggestions for PDAs?

On 9/19/06, Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
Could some suggest a PDA (not too pricey) that works in Linux/Fedora?
I need something to help me orgainze. KOrganize is nice, but I forget
to use it some times. And it has no built in remote usage facilities.
So something I could take with me, then come howe and plug into my
machine to sync up Korganizer would be nice.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Arthur Pemberton

Just to reply to my self. I settled on, purchased, have received, and
have done my first set of syncs on a Palm Tungsten E. It was fairly
cheap on eBay, but that model is sans wifi: not really a big deal for
me. I used KPilot (which was already installed with my FC5) and synced
it against KOrgaizer...process worked painlessly.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


Fedora Core 5 and proud

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