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Re: wav to iso and iso to audio cd

>>> Considering that one has a bunch of wav files, what it is easiest way
>>> of creating an ISO file corresponding to an audio CD containing all
>>> those wav files?

That'd be just an "image" for a disc, not an "ISO".  ISO being a poor
abbreviation for the standard defining data discs (ISO9660).

>> cdrecord -audio dev=/dev/cdwriter files*.wav
>> Do a man cdrecord and look for the -audio option.

> Thanks to both, but I was wondering if everything could be
> accomplished by using only the command line.

Did you go through the cdrecord man file?  The "-audio" section seems to
indicate that you can make a disc just from a collection of audio files.
That is a command line tool.

(Currently running FC4, in case that's important to the thread)

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