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Re: DVD problem in FC5

William Murray wrote:
  Hello there,
        I have a problem with FC5, must have started within the last
month, but I don't know which  update.

My dvd drive (TSSTcorp CDRW/DVD TSL462C; device /dev/scd0) no longer automounts CD/DVDs when inserted. Now I can get root and mount manually,
but it is annoying.

I had reported this problem a few weeks ago but nobody replied. I also posted this in Debian mailing list (I mainly boot into Debian and occassionaly into Fedora) and got the reply that this could be due to a problem in the version of hal. The problem was solved in Debian with a new hal version. What version of hal do you have? In Debian solves this issue.


Actually I have two options:
  -> No boot-time kernel option
     This gives correct auto-mounting, but no DMA--> DVDs unwatchable
  -> hdc=noprobe
     This gives no auto-mount, but I can watch DVDs

I used to get both at once.
     Any clues anyone?
[Ps 2.6.28 kernel seems just the same]

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