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Re: fedora core 4: no fd0u1680?

fedoralist subtropolix org wrote:
>>> And what are /dev/fd/[0,1,2,3] for?

> > /dev/fd0  first floppy drive
> > /dev/fd1  second floppy drive
> > and so on...

fedoralist subtropolix org:
> No, the 0,1,2,3 are inside the dir /dev/fd/

Ah, I didn't notice the slash, I thought you were doing some shorthand
[with the square brackets] for different numbers after the letters fd.
If you list the contents, they're links to /dev/pts (pseudo-ttys).  You
can google those terms, if you really want to know more about it.

> I have only /dev/fd0

Same here.  Possibly, I'd get more automatically created if I had more
floppies in this box.

> But i don't have a /dev/fd0u1680.

I do, on FC5.  But don't on FC4.  Have you tried playing with MAKEDEV?
I don't have any floppies like that to play with, so it'd be pointless
me trying to make that device.


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