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Re: Cross Platform password keeper

On Thu, 2006-09-28 at 12:27 +1200, Hadders wrote:
> Hi Peoples,
>   Currently I use a http://gnukeyring.sourceforget.net  on my Palm pilot.

> However, I was considering the other day that I really need something 
> that can be used by both Windows and Linux and that I can shares its 
> files between the two.

> Does anyone have any suggestions?

	On Linux / Fedora Core, I use Revelation.  Available in extras.

	On the Palm Pilot, I use Strip.

	Strip has an advantage that it also supports S/KEY / OPIE calculators
and accounts.  OTOH...  Revelation has a much richer set of account
objects (Web accounts, general accounts, phone accounts, etc).

> Thanks.

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