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Re: OT What is this symbol?

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Saying the value of a character doesn't have much meaning without
>> defining
>> its encoding.  The │ character is actually 0xE29482 in UTF8 while | is
>> 0x7c.
> Ou contraire. In this particular case, the *only* thing one has is
> it's code. The OP doesn't know what character set it is from.

Maybe he doesn't...but there are ways to divine what charset a given code is.

>> FWIW, it is also 0xA278 in big5.  :-)
> You are confusing graphic representations with codes.

Nope.  I know the difference between a glyph and the code point.

If you have a file containing 0xA278 and display it in a terminal operating
in big5 you will get the same glyph as if you would if you had a file
containing 0xE29482 and were working in UTF8.


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