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Re: FC4/6 Installer fails on MSI RX480

Gary Huntress wrote:

> I am having trouble installing Fedora on a system with a brand new MSI RX480 
> Neo2 motherboard and an athlon 64.   The remaining hardware is a generic 80GB 
> ide drive and two sata drives.  Video is an ancient PCI card, diamond stealth 
> I think.
> The CD boots ok and I select "linux text" to proceed.  Installation proceeds 
> normally right up to what I think says something like "making kernel
> readonly" 

I think that counts as an error message. It might be helpful to know
*where* in the install this happens. For example, it sounds like the
Linux kernel boots and starts reading the CD drive -- does it start
installing stuff to the hard drive?

> and the screen fills with what looks like:
> [ mem address ]   function name - codes
> It may be a panic, I can't tell because the system is frozen and I
> have no way to capture or scroll back the info.  Function names are
> like: fd_install, run_init_process, trace_hardirqs_on_thunk,
> spin_unlock. My intuition tells me this may be irq related.

Sounds like a panic to me. Have you run memtest86 on this system yet?

Are you installing to the IDE drive or the SATA? I presume the CD drive
is on IDE.

Hope this helps,


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