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Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] Re: Fedora in numbers, kde defaults in future Fedora releases

On 9/27/06, Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu> wrote:
> It depends simple for whom ?

I'm speaking in the context of look-n-feel, icons/widgets.

I guess crystal icons and plastic theme are simple in the context of
look-n-feel, icons/widgets, I think they both comes from Core packages

Administration -> system administration.
Settings -> User-specific preferences

Not really the same thing, imo.

True, there are not the same thing, but we are having "Settings" as a
duplicate for modules found in kcontrol.

Besides, placement of apps in the menus is not a "KDE" thing, it's
controlled by the apps themselves via what
are listed in their .desktop files.

Perhaps, we can work more on the simplicity of KDE .desktop which
comes from Core.

My girlfriend has followed the discussions and agreed to say something about it:

I'd say it's a question of which people you target:
If you want to be a distribution for more sophisticated and exeperienced
users - let me call them geeks  ;)  - then you're fine with putting every
possible kde-app into the core to satisfy everybody's needs.

If your aim is  that people using windows switch to fedora (also known
as "newbies"  ;)  ) who first have to learn what kate (kwrite / kedit) is, how
you use it, when and where...  then you'll better try to simplify the distro.

My _personal_ aim is that people like my parents use linux, that's why I'm
very happy with the (k)ubuntu-ish way of doing it: ONE application for ONE
If later they get so experienced that they need kwrite, too - well:
sudo apt-get install kwrite
Most people nowadays have fast internet connection.

System Administration / Settings: I don't remeber exactly how those are in
fedora, but I know that with kcontrol I can control virtually everything I
need to. Even the reduced version in Kubuntu (kcontrol is still there by the
way, it's just not in the menu) will make an average user very, very happy.

So it's all a question of what you want with fedora and of which your target
audience is.

You can quote me if you want to  :-D
(...and if you do, mention that my mom recently switched to kubuntu  ;)  )


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