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Change in YUM with recent update

I am not sure when it happened, but at sometime within the last 2-3
weeks the display when doing a yum update/install/etc from CLI has

In the past, when yum was downloading packages the progress was all
shown on a single line, and a new line was created only when the package
name changed.  Now it gets a new line for each progress update [1] as
seen from an update done today.  

I checked and there have been no yum updates in some time, so I do not
know which program is at fault here.

Has anyone else noted this?  Do you have any ideas on what the culprit
likely is?  

I noted this update [2] that sounds suspicious, but I thought yum used
python and not perl.
I also see that PIL was installed and python-imaging and python-numeric
were erased on 9/15 with my update.[3]  

Is it likely that an update to python broke a borked call from yum that
had taken advantage of a weakness which was tightened up in the python

Downloading Packages:
(1/6): libtunepimp-0.4.3-  20% |=====                    |  64 kB
00:01 E
(1/6): libtunepimp-0.4.3-  52% |=============            | 160 kB
00:00 E
(1/6): libtunepimp-0.4.3-  78% |===================      | 240 kB
00:00 E
(1/6): libtunepimp-0.4.3- 100% |=========================| 307 kB

Sep 23 21:55:13 Updated: perl-Term-ProgressBar.noarch 2.09-2.fc5

Sep 07 20:58:18 Installed: python-khashmir.noarch 4.4.0-1.fc5.rf
Sep 15 19:13:52 Erased: python-imaging
Sep 15 19:15:13 Erased: python-numeric
Sep 15 19:15:02 Installed: PIL.x86_64 1.1.5-7.1.fc5.at

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