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Re: intel core 2 duo

Louis Garcia wrote:
Just got my hands on a laptop with this chip. Any difference installing
i386 or x86_64 version of fedora? I've heard fedora had a problem with
this new chip?


There is NO advantage installing a 64 bit OS on a 32 bit CPU that has extended features to EMULATE AMD 64 bit instructions. Other than memory address space and a few other things that will never be warranted on today's laptops.

Stick with 32 bit Fedora on all intel CPU platforms except itanic. You will be fine.

Having said that, I would also propound that the opposite is true for AMD 64 bit CPU platforms. You can lose up to 15 percent (from my own personal tests) performance by running a 32 bit made for intel instruction set on AMD CPUs, because it has to EMULATE 32 bit instructions.

That is one of the reasons I always cringe at benchmarks done in 32 bit MS Windows on multi CPU platforms comparing AMD vs intel. There are soooo many things wrong with that. :)

Good luck with your new laptop. You can check recent posts, but the trouble areas may include:

Wireless card -- Brodcom chipsets are just beginning to be supported.
Multi Card reader with Ricoh chipset -- just got put into upstream kernel, and still lacks SD support. Display -- Fedora will probably NOT get the display right, but system-config-display, hardware tab, select LCD(resolution of display) as display type, then back to general tab to set resolution.
GNOME defaults to suspend for everything.
System/Preferences/More Preferences/Power management -- in every tab, change suspend to Do Nothing. Play with suspend outside of GNOME before turning these back on.

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