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Re: Linux script on Windows to chjange Date and Time

I thought of that but apparently we need the date chagne to take
effect almost immediatly, well within 30 mins.

If we set the date of our test network fwd 1 year the ntp would take
several hours or probably more to catch up.

On 29/09/06, Alessandro Brezzi <alessandro brezzi gmail com> wrote:
Hi Paul,

2006/9/29, Paul Ward <pnward googlemail com>:
> Hi All,
> I need to find a way of syncing the date on 4 linux pcs and 2 windows
> pc's using eiter a linux script or windows :(
> I would rather not use a samba share and get dos to run a if exist statment.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Anyone know if cygwin allows a Linux box to ssh using a rsa key and
> run commands?
> ????
My be the simple and faster way is to elect one or two of your Linux
box to run ntpd and to sync time from the internet. Then in the M$Win
box uset the NET TIME command to point to the Linux box.

Alessandro Brezzi

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