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Re: Linux script on Windows to chjange Date and Time

We have a test environment using an oracle database on redhat. During
testing we need to wind the clock forward and backwards to ensure that
certain actions are carried out correctly on the dates. It is also
connected to several citrix servers which also have to have the same
time and dates else the applications fail to run.

Currently we are having to do each machine by hand but wish to find a
way to automate this action as it is very repetitive.

On 29/09/06, Tom Diehl <tdiehl rogueind com> wrote:
On Fri, 29 Sep 2006, Paul Ward wrote:

> I thought of that but apparently we need the date chagne to take
> effect almost immediatly, well within 30 mins.
> If we set the date of our test network fwd 1 year the ntp would take
> several hours or probably more to catch up.

Ntp will give up trying to sync if the clocks are off by more than 5 minutes.

What are you really trying to do??


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