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Re: postfix help require

On 9/29/06, yogesh banasdairy coop <yogesh banasdairy coop> wrote:
hi friends

i have mailserver that is hosted by third party
and i want to create mail server that work as a local mail server for my
local LAN

only for external mail send and receive i want to goto the third party
server every 30 minute

so can any one give me help about this

i am very very thankful for so


It is will be combination of few softwares or tools

a) Fetchmail --- For downloading the mail from the Mail Service
Provider means the from the ISP account

b) Postfix/Sendmail --- Local SMTP Server

c) Dovecot or any other Pop3/IMAP server --

All above 3 are mandatory, some optional ones are belwo

d)  Webmail--- Web based email program so that people can check their
mails through browser also

e) Clamav or any other Antivirus programme -- for filtering virus mails

f) SpamAssassin --- For filtering spam mails

e) Amavisd-new or MailScanner -- A mail scanning tool which scans both
incoming and outgoing mails. It requires an antivirus program like
clamav and spamassassin.

If you need any mail statistics softwares then you can use Isoqlog,
Awstats, Mailwatch( works only if mailscanner is configured) etc.

You have to read atleast for 3 softwares (postfix/sendmail, dovecot or
any other imap/pop3 server and fetchmail)


Ankush Grover


Ankush Grover

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