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Re: Suggestions for e-mail client:

On Friday 29 September 2006 18:29, Trond Danielsen wrote:

> Please remove signatures longer than two lines
> before complaining about html email.
If messages arrive as a multipart I never see the html, as kmail politely 
shows me the text portion only.  If a message arrives as straight html I 
ignore it.  I can't waste my time ploughing through all the rubbish to find 
what the question was.  Now the fact that I ignore it is of little 
consequence - my knowledge level is not that great.  What *is* of consequence 
however is that many people with much higher levels of knowledge do the same.  
This surely is the most important reason, apart from the politeness of 
respecting the list's wishes, for not using html.  You may not get an answer 
from the person who has the vital information.

> >
> > --
> > Rob
> --
> Trond Danielsen

And please, learn to snip.  Multiple signatures like this can cause problems 
with some mail readers.


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