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Re: what's the story on mixing yum repos these days?

On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 14:54 -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   what's the conventional wisdom on incompatibilities between
> different FC yum repositories these days?  i have a fully-updated FC5
> system that has only ever been updated from FC updates and FC extras.
>   i've read differing advice on whether it's safe to mix and match
> livna, ATrpms and rpmforge repos.  what i'm after is to install
> various multimedia packages (codecs, mplayer, etc.)
>   any good advice?  thanks.
Some packages are available in only one or another of the repos.
Some are in the different repos with the same package name, but with
different versioning numbering in the different repos (and can cause

For some things I use Livna (notably mp3/dvd tools and the kmod-nvidia
and kmod-ntfs packages).

For others I use ATrpms and rpmforge.

There *IS at present* a versioning conflict between livna and atrpms on
2 packages I depend on (faac and faad2, which are required for
mythtv-suite) and I have to be sure those get updated only from ATrpms.
I have seen conflicts at other times as well.

My recommendation:  Use any repos you wish to get the packages that you
want.  Just be aware that there do exist some incompatibility issues and
that you have to play an active role in selecting what gets updated from
where or suffer what I often call the "repo dependency hell". (Been
there and done that!  Now I pay attention to stay out of it.)

just my $0.02

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