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Re: Suggestions for e-mail client:

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Ric Moore wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 13:56 -0700, David Boles wrote:
>> How many keyservers do you have Kmail scan? All kerservers claim to have all
>> keys. Most do not although they are supposed to share them. One of the most
>> reliable keyservers I have found is this one.
> I have never had occasion to use a key. If there enough benefit in
> having one that I should look into getting one? I think I may have had
> one way back when, but never used it for anything. Thanx for any
> replies, Ric

This message will be signed with my key. If you were using GnuPG, and if you
had my public key you would know, for sure, that I wrote this and not the Rich
Man from Nigeria with all the money. ;-)

It works the same way as the gpg-key that checks your downloads to make sure
that they are 'real', and who signed the RPMs, and not spoofs.

If you had a key and I had your public key, if we, for example, chose to we
could send emails to each other that are encrypted and could only be read by
you and me. Not to the list(s), of course. Private emails. You could do that
with others, if they had keys and you chose to do so.

You are aware that all of the servers that forward your email, listed in the
headers, keep copies that can be read by anyone? At least they used to do that.

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