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Re: intel core 2 duo

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 11:46 AM -0600 9/29/06, Phil Meyer wrote:
Tony Nelson wrote:
At 9:47 PM -0600 9/28/06, Phil Meyer wrote:

Louis Garcia wrote:

Just got my hands on a laptop with this chip. Any difference installing
i386 or x86_64 version of fedora? I've heard fedora had a problem with
this new chip?


There is NO advantage installing a 64 bit OS on a 32 bit CPU that has
extended features to EMULATE AMD 64 bit instructions. ...

Proof?  Examples?  Documentation that the Intel Core 2 Duo does not have 64
bit ALUs and data paths?

Documentation is plentiful, but 'proof' does not exist for anything in
this world.  Lets just call it documentation.

What balderdash.  Prove it or shut up.  Show that 64 bit performance of the
Intel Core 2 Duo is half that of 32 bit performance or stop spreading FUD.
You will please notice, Mr. Troll, that the original question was about Core 2 Duo.
My 'claims' are:
There are no benefits to running intel CPUs (other than Itanium) in 64bit mode. (other than extreme memory requirements which do not impact today's laptops)
There are definite benefits to running AMD 64bit CPUs in 64bit mode.

Since the original question was regarding intel CPUs, and since the AMD statements were an aside, lets focus on just intel Core 2 duo as the original author questioned.

Lets take a look at some benchmark tests done by intel and submitted to SPEC. Lets also assume that all hardware vendors go to extreme measures to get the best performance numbers out of the systems being tested.

Start with this one:

Kindly notice that the best performer in the CINT2006 (26) section was intel Core Duo.
Lets take a closer look:

Please scroll down far enough on that page to notice the Software section.
What do we see here? That intel 'claims' that the best performance for Core 2 Duo is achieved in 32bit mode.

Its hard to imagine what you might accept as 'proof'. However, for thinking persons it is not very difficult to discern that intel is not pushing the 64bitness of Core 2 Duo, despite the fact that 'viiv' requires it.

Again, just for the fun of it, lets ask Dell, the largest purveyor of intel based platforms if it sells a Core 2 Duo laptop with Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.

I come up with a blank.  How about you?

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