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Re: fedora core 4: no fd0u1680?

Jeff Vian wrote:
On Sat, 2006-09-30 at 00:23 -0400, fedoralist subtropolix org wrote:

Jeff Vian wrote:

On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 17:24 -0400, fedoralist subtropolix org wrote:

Joe Smith wrote:

fedoralist subtropolix org wrote:

I've been using core 4 for quite some time now and this is the first time i've had to think about device nodes. I'd like to mount a floppy that's formatted to 1680 density but can't figure out how the device nodes work. ...

I hate to ask, but did you try it? The fd0...fdn devices are supposed to auto-detect the actual capacity and density of the disk in the drive.

Yup. After reading the udev stuff.

[root apollo ~]# mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /media/floppy/
[root apollo ~]# ls /media/floppy/
?.?           8v??.??       fp??????.?1?  ??syslin.ux   ???.u??
????????.???  }???.?b?      f?>?tf??.t??  ????????.?t?  ???}????.u}?
?.??>         ??b?6?t?.???  f!?txf?.?     ???????.t?=   ???????u
?<?? ??? ???  b??????u.???  ???h.???      ?????!?t.?aq  u????u?.???
???.???       ??cbt.^?f     ?>lu.?hu      &?tf??4u.?.?  _w??p??.??_
??.???        dlinux s.ys?  pamsu7f?.>du   ?t??< v.?n?
0uf???8u.f)?  f??bss.???    p??s??.???    t??x?.??x

The 1680 density is NOT a dos/vfat format.  IIRC that is a MAC format
and needs to be mounted as such for proper access.

Not true. In fact, Microsoft used to use 1680 density for its install disks. I've no idea if it was ever used for Macs, though. In any case, it mounts fine on core 3 with -t vfat.

I dimly remember that Win95 (the last version that did a floppy install)
had higher than standard density diskettes for the install.  I never did
know exactly what density it was, and the floppy install for windows
disappeared after that use.

The example i posted above was to show that the disk was not automagically detected by udev as 1680. That is what i would expect to see on my core 3 box if i used /dev/fd0 (because it's the wrong density).

core 3:
[root poseidon ~]# mount -t vfat /dev/fd0u1680 /media/floppy/

works fine.

core 4:
[root apollo ~]# mount -t vfat /dev/fd0u1680 /media/floppy/
mount: special device /dev/fd0u1680 does not exist

With Core 3 and earlier all the possible device types were created
in /dev.  In later releases they saw fit to remove them and they now
have udev and hal to do the automatic configuration for you.

I bet if there was a rule for udev to create the device you could get it
to mount under FC4 & FC5.

OK, i've come across this page:


I'm wading through it now, but it's pretty opaque to me. What i'm trying to figure out is whether or not /sbin/hotplug can tell that the disk is at a higher density. Understandably, there's not a whole lot about floppies in any of the udev/hotplug docs i've seen.

And i've been poking around in /etc/udev & /etc/dev.d but haven't yet figured out how this should work.

Alternatively, if you know the specific characteristics of the device
you could use mknod to create it manually.

Yeah, i can do that, though i'd have to take measures to ensure udev didn't disappear the node on reboot. In any case, i'm somewhat without clue as to the major & minor numbers required.

Still working on it ....

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