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Re: Thuderbird as an Evolution replacement ? (Evolution things...)

Kim Lux wrote:

I installed Thunderbird on a friends Windows PC the other day and it
looked pretty spiffy.  How does it compare to Evolution ?  Is it robust
enough to handle really large email archives ?

I handle my mail via IMAP with some large e-mail archives (>10,000 messages in a folder), and Thunderbird is just fine. In my experience it seems (as a user) to have one of the more robust IMAP implementations compared to other clients.

However I also used (and still do, a bit) Sylpheed/Sylpheed Claws for a long time. These are great mail clients which are fast, immensely configurable, lighter than Thunderbird and very powerful. They feel a bit more "power-user", meaning there are a huge number of options. However they are still fairly straightforward to set up for simple uses. They are more awkward than Thunderbird to set up if you want multiple sending addresses though (you have to set up an account for each, unless it's recently changed). They are in Fedora Extras.


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