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Re: Errors with Soft RAID 5 Array, no disks off line

On 12/31/06, Pedro Fernandes Macedo <webmaster margo bijoux nom br> wrote:
vamythguy wrote:
> I have a 4 disk soft RAID-5 array and I'm receiving a ton of these
> messages in the system logs:
> Dec 31 17:04:38 tibeaux smartd[2384]: Device: /dev/sda, 3 Offline
> uncorrectable sectors
> Dec 31 17:04:39 tibeaux smartd[2384]: Device: /dev/sdd, 48 Currently
> unreadable (pending) sectors
> Best way to fix this, or is it not a problem?
It is a problem. This means that both drives are starting to develop bad
sectors. Since you have raid 5, you can replace the disk and let the
array rebuild itself. Or keep using those disks, but add a hot spare
disk to the array.
I usually replace the disks as soon as I see smartd complain about them,
but if you wait too much , you risk loosing your data.. Last time I
replaced a disk in such condition, it had over 1600 uncorrectable
sectors, making it impossible to transfer the data to the new disk via
DD, pvmove, cp... Luckily it was just a proxy/gateway/vpn server, so a
reinstall wasnt difficult.

Pedro Macedo

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I suspected as much.  Two questions:

1) Do the different messages imply they are dieing in different ways?
2) Is there any way to salvage either drive, maybe by quarantining the bad sectors or something?

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