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Re: Thuderbird as an Evolution replacement ? (Evolution things...)

Hello, Kim -
I used Evolution for a couple months, but it didn't have 3 features that
I required. So, I recently switched to Thunderbird; granted, there's no
calendar/to-do feature, but it definitely suits my needs.

I get about 300 emails/day, and have 10 maillist filters. Seems quick enough. I haven't collected enough mail to say how it is with large directories.

Tom Horsley wrote:
(I especially like that it won't display html
mail unless I go to a lot of trouble to install an html plugin,
which I haven't done since I don't want to see that crap,
and especially don't want to inform the spammers that I
opened their mail because the html referenced some external link :-).

Thunderbird is really nice with that issue - by default, it won't load images unless the from: is in your address book!

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