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Re: Installation problem of FC6

Thomas Cameron wrote:
On Mon, 2007-01-01 at 01:21 +0800, edwardspl ita org mo wrote:
Dear You,

How can we install FC6 with all packages ( everything ) in Text mode ?
Eg : there is no any message by using "rpm -qa | grep xinetd.d"...


There is no "everything" installation any more.  You can come close by
right-clicking each group during a graphical mode installation and
choosing "install all packages in this group" or some such nonsense.

What I usually do is do a basic installation and then use yum to install
anything else I need.

Look at the man page for yum, specifically at the grouplist and
groupinstall options.

xinetd will automatically be installed if you install a service which
depends on it.  You can also just issue the command

yum install telnet-server

That should install the telnet daemon and xinetd.


Hello Thomas,

If there is no "Install all packages" function in Text / GUi mode come with FC6, then
can we do the following steps ?
1, mount cdrom
2, cd cdrom
3, cp *.rpm /root
4, yum install package-name

PS : There Server machine without connection with Internet.


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