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Getting grub to recognize the keyboard

Bob Goodwin wrote:

> I have an FC6 computer that I'm certain worked initially but will not
> now boot Windows 2000.
> Which looks ok to me. However when I get the splashscreen that asks to
> "press any key" nothing happens? I can press Enter or the Space Bar
> and it ignores the keyboard and contiues conting down until the FC6
> boot process begins.


Chris is correct -- this has nothing to do with the fact that you're
trying to boot Windows 2000. Forget about that aspect of it. What you're
trying to do is to get Grub to recognize your keyboard.

He's almost certainly right that you've got a USB keyboard, and you've
turned off an option in the BIOS. But there *are* other options -- I saw
one (Intel 440 ZX, if I remember correctly) motherboard that wouldn't
recognise a perfectly good PS/2 keyboard in "real mode". It worked fine
when Windows or Linux had got into 32 bit mode. That particular
motherboard needed a USB keyboard to enter BIOS configuration!

You may have yet another variation. But concentrate on the "keyboard in
Grub" part, not the "Windows 2000" part.

Subject amended appropriately.

Hope this helps,


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