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Re: Swap partation for FC6

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez wrote:
El Lunes, 1 de Enero de 2007 13:49, edwardspl ita org mo escribi�:
Dear All,

I'm thinking the size partition of swap for FC6 :

1, WebMail System ( http://horde.org/imp, use MySQL DB Server )
2, Web, DNS, FTP, Mail /etc.

Please give comment, thanks !

PS : Actual Ram is 1GB.

Well, it depends on the load the server is going to carry.
If you're using some king of CMS, the MySQL is going to be working 24x7 more 
or less (yeah, depends, also, on the visits).

DNS and FTP wouldn't demand so much RAM, so that's not the key.
MAIL...How many users are going to log there apart from you?

Just an opinion, with 512 SWAP you can sleep without a worry ;-)

If the swap size is around 1x2 GB = 2GB, then may be good for running with php and DB Server ?
Due to the server machine is working with 24x7 days...


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