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Re: DVD problem

On Monday 01 January 2007 19:40, Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:
> > I've not come across this problem before.  Most of my DVDs play
> > correctly.  Is this an additional drm layer or similar?
> I do not know why you are having problems with xine.
> But you have to fix libavcodec, which is part of ffmpeg.
> ffmpeg contains all of the codecs: DivX3,4,5, xvid, aac, a52, etc...
> In windows, it is known by ffdshow. It is the heart of mplayer.
> ffmpeg can be downloaded from freshrpms (FC6):
> http://zod.freshrpms.net/rpm.html?id=801
> or, if you are not using FC6, then I suggest you to get ffmpeg from ATrpms:
> http://atrpms.net/name/ffmpeg/
> If you want just to play dvds, the best program is vlc, also available
> in freshrpms.
> It has a better control of dvd menus.
> http://www.videolan.org/
> /Paulo Roma.

Thanks for the info, Paulo.  I'm not very au fait with codecs, which is why I 
asked.  It's not really 'my thing', but it is nice, sometimes to be able to 
play a disk.  Actually, to be really honest, it just peeves me that someone 
can try to stop me viewing something that I've legally bought :-)  It's a bit 
like saying that I can buy a book, but I can't read it on the train, in bed 
or in the bath :-)


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