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Re: Blocking Spam

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> Well I guess I can accuse you of being hypnotized by the SpamBayes
> people who also think the unsure folder is a good thing. Well in my
> opinion it is not. What is good about having an extra folder to check
> for spam and ham?

"Hypnotized", I think, is unwarranted. They think it's good engineering.
So do I. You don't.

There's only one of it, there's never much in it, and it means you
*don't* have to check the other boxes in the same way. You can sort that
one box in about ten seconds once a day. Because you *know* the e-mail
is uncertain, you're not too pre-disposed to call it spam, which means
you're more likely to *accurately* judge it. (It's well-known that
humans often won't spot one "good" e-mail in a pile of spam).

If you want an antispam program to Just Work, then you're going to be
disappointed -- it's Not Possible. If you're happy with one that works
nearly all the time, but occasionally needs help, you might just get


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