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Re: Canon Elura 100 Camcorder and FC5

On Monday 01 January 2007 14:16, Robert L Cochran wrote:
>I gave my wife a Canon Elura 100 camcorder for Christmas. I just watched
>her download her very first movie to Windows XP. Can I do the same in
>Fedora Core 5?  If I just plugged in the camcorder to my onboard 1394
>port, will an application come up recognizing the camcorder and offering
>to download the movie from the DV tape?

I don't think its quite as automatic, but then I haven't investigated to 
see if it could be done, possibly someplace in kde's file association 

But to do that install the latest kino-0.9.4 I believe it is and its 
dependencies, from either livna or ATrpms.  I've found it stable here, 
controlling a Sony TVR-460.

Cheers, Gene
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