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[SOT] Fast typing and threading...

Apologies in advance for the "Sadly Off Topic" post.  Knowing this you may
wish to stop here.

I just felt a need to remind some folks on a couple of points.

1.  If one wishes to change the name of a topic it is not sufficient to
simply reply to a given topic and change the subject.  The headers in the
reply to the original topic will remain intact and will not be broken into a
separate thread by some/most (I didn't take a survey) mail readers.

2.  Keyboards did not always have a left and right Ctrl keys.  Today, the
majority of laptop keyboards have only a left Ctrl key.  Some have suggested
that using both Ctrl keys is the proper way to type and one could type
faster if they used them.  I tried to point out that "I" can't type faster
if I considered using the right Ctrl key since it doesn't exist on all the
keyboards that I use and I would then have to think about what keyboard I
was using order to maximize my performance.  I recognize my limitations in
that area.  Ignoring the right Ctrl key is just easier.

Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone...I seem to be still celebrating.

The above comments and opinions above are solely my own and do not
necessarily reflect the views of my employer, spouse, or cats.  I am totally
responsible for the above contents attributed to me unless the message was
written under the influence of alcoholic beverages, excessive coffee use,
cold medications, in the middle of the night on the way to the toilet,
during a bad hair day, or a generally grumpy disposition.

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