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Re: MS office Under Linux

Tim wrote:
I'd go along with that.  I am a native English speaker, and I've found
word processing grammar checking tools leave a lot to be desired.  Some
of the results, I've seen, give you the impression that a 12 year old
wrote the document.  They might find some glaring errors, but more
subtle ones go un-noticed.

I think you have unreasonable expectations. Back when computers
first started to be used to process things other than projectile
trajectories, people thought we'd be using them in 20 yrs or so
to do real language processing. That was in about 1950 or so.
It hasn't ever happened, because the problem is extremely
difficult. We perceive language processing to be easy, because
we have unperceived hardware assist in our brains. Consider:

"Fruit flies like a banana."

Is "flies" a verb, or a noun?

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