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Re: difficult rpm problem

jack wallen wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm not sure what I installed to cause this problem but anytime I try to
run rpm now I get this error:

rpm: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.6: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

You have a couple of good suggestions on fixing this; I'm more worried about how it happened. There's no way installing or upgrading something should have broken this (at least that I can think of). As long as some installed package, like oh, say rpm, requires this library, it should never be removed by rpm.

Even if you upgrade rpm itself, and the upgrade needs a new library, rpm is smart enough to know that the pre-requisites must be installed first, so you don't break the upgrade in the middle.

Linux is perfectly happy to have multiple library versions installed, so again. there's no reason this library should have been removed.

Did you delete something manually? Did you install or upgrade something using "nodeps" or "force"?

Good luck, this is a fun thing to resolve ;-)


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