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Re: k3b problem

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 11:03, Chris Mohler wrote:
>From http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/tools/:
>IMPORTANT NOTE for 6.0 users! Newer Linux kernels have ridiculously
>low default memorylocked resource limit, which prevents privileged
>users from starting growisofs 6.0 with "unable to anonymously mmap
>33554432: Resource temporarily unavailable" error message. Next
>version will naturally have workaround coded in, but meanwhile you
>have to issue following command at command prompt prior starting
>    * if you run C-like shell, issue 'limit memorylocked unlimited';
>    * if you run Bourne-like shell, issue 'ulimit -l unlimited';
Ok, so save the project, stop k3b, issue the above command in bash and 
restart k3b from that bash session?

Ok, but:
[root coyote ~]# limit memorylocked unlimited
-bash: limit: command not found

So I'm puzzled to say the least :(

But this worked I think:
[root coyote ~]# ulimit -l unlimited
[root coyote ~]#

Restart k3b, reload project.  Burn speed is AUTO and its trying to do a 
16.4x burn on a 4x disk!  The buffer fifo is mostly empty.  But its done 
about 600 megs in 3:30 so as the disk is wasted in any event, I'll let it 
finish & verify before I force a lower burn speed.  Interesting 
experiment in other words.  I've had k3b eat my lunch and take the 
machine down when a burn abort was attempted.

Darn, I just remembered I had started 'smartctl -t long' on the src drive 
too, so that certainly isn't helping the read speed I'd imagine.
It has 15 reported errors according to smartctl -a, so I'd imagine we 
should bin that drive, (smartd was sending me emails about its problems) 
but I was testing anyway. Dumb, duh, alzhiemers, etc :(

Humm, later, its burnt and verifying, and I can read, dimly as its 
ghosted, that the burn speed was 3.8x, much more like it.  But the 
highest I ever saw the buffer fifo was 5% after the burn actually 

Amazing, k3b is playing the charge.  Repeat for the rest of it.

Question:  Is this 'ulimit -l unlimited' system-wide or only for this 
particular invocation/session of bash?

Thanks a lot Chris.

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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