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Getting to 1920x1200

  Monitor - Gateway FPD2485W, LCD Widescreen (1920x1200)
  Video Card - Intel Integrated i810
  Desktop - KDE
Hello and TIA for any insight anyone can provide...

SWEET Monitor!  But, I've only gotten it to 1600x1200 with that
awful stretchy-effect.  (My original install used an IBM P260 CRT at
Right-click --> Configure Desktop --> Display
Here, my highest-res option under screen size is 1600x1200.
K Menu --> System --> Display
This dialog allows me to select "LCD Panel 1920x1200" for the monitor
type (the 2485W is not listed).  I can also select 1920x1200 as the
Resolution under the "Settings" tab.  Seems to have no effect.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get to 1920x1200?


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