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Re: Multimedia controller: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 4d52 ??

| From: William Case <billlinux rogers com>

| This line confuses *me*.  I suspected the main chip ?? had to be
| Brooktree (bttv) but I AM looking at a box clearly marked ATI TV Wonder
| 550.  I bought the card directly from ATI Inc.  Why is this confusing to
| you?

"TV Wonder" is a brand name, not a technical description.  I think
that a bunch of TV Wonder products may have used Brooktree/Conexant
chips (I'm too lazy to check).  But the "550" in the name suggests
strongly that this particular card uses the "Theatre 550" chips.

(Actually, I sometimes see "Theater 550" and sometimes "Theatre 550".
Until a few months ago, ATI was a Canadian company.  In Canada, either
spelling is correct for the word "theatre".  So I don't know what the
spelling of the tradmarked name.)

Anyway, back to the real topic.  I don't think that there is a driver
for the Theatre 550 chips.  If there were, I would guess that it would
come from the Gatos project.  Apparently ATI is no help in this

Check my work: do your own Googling.  I just posted this because you
seemed to be heading in the wrong direction.

Good luck & do post an update when you get it all figured out.

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