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Making Fedora Boot CD

I partitioned the hard drive of my Gateway GT5224 PC so that I could make it a dual boot system. It came with Windows XP. I installed Fedora Core 6. However, I can't boot Fedora.

Whenever I installed GRUB on the master boot record (MBR) and then rebooted windows XP, the software detected "file corruption" and forced a reinstallation of Windows XP. This overwrote the MBR, removing GRUB and making it impossible to boot Fedora.

So, I tried the only other installation option. I had the installation program install GRUB on first sector of the boot partition (/dev/sda6). However, when I reboot the computer, GRUB never gets to run because Windows XP is using the MBR.

I've looked through a couple of books, and the GRUB documentation on the "gnu.org" website. But, I haven't found a solution.

Can someone point me to documentation of how to make a boot CD? Can I put GRUB on a bootable CD that will allow me to boot Windows XP or Fedora Core 6? Do you have another suggestion? Thank you.

In case it is helpful, here are the partitions that Fedora should be able to access:

Mount Point: /boot
Device: sda6
Start: 24273
End: 24285
Size: 101 M
Type: ext3

Mount Point: /
Device: LVLogVol00
Start: ?
End: ?
Size: 28928 M
Type: ext3

Mount Point: /shared
Device: sda5
Start: 24535
End: 26453
Size 15053 M
Type: vfat

Coy Scott

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