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Re: k3b problem

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 12:51, Scott van Looy wrote:
>Today Gene Heskett did spake thusly:
>> Greetings;
>> I'm trying to salvage an XP installs data here folks, by mounting
>> their drive on my box & making a couple of dvd's from the stuff they
>> woul;d like to save.  Windows is hosed, apparently by an Activision
>> game they got for Christmas and installed on the 29th of Dec. 
>> Anything that uses IE, which is everything, is now hosed.
>Providing they're running an up-to-date version of XP...
>Quickest solution to that is to grab the IE7 installer and run it,
> that'll repair anything that's broken.
Chicken and egg problem, the updates all seem to require that spawn of the 
devil, WGA.  IE is a near instant, maybe 3/4 second, to an error and 
shutdown when launched.  Firefox doesn't recognize the install button on 
an M$ page, and that is a common enough occurrence reported here that you 
should be aware of it.

>Second quickest - go to "Add/Remove Programs" in control panels and then
>choose "Remove Internet Explorer" if it's available - this'll
>automatically restore IE6 on their system
>Third quickest. If they have an XP disk, they can do a repair install

That we have, but when I mounted the disk in this box, then smartd starts 
sending me emails about how bad the disk is.  Unrecoverable errors it 
says.  So until I can retrieve them another drive tomorrow, and then 
convince XP that its not a new machine, but just a new hard drive in that 
box so I can re-install it, we are stuck at square one.

And to top it off, while I'm considering going to town and getting one 
today, the missus calls my attention to several gallons of water on the 
floor under the hot water heater, and then remarks that there's no hot 
water to boot.  Yup, its leaking, I'd guess 2-3 gallons an hour, oh the 
joy of it...

So, guess what, I've been playing plumber all afternoon (yes, I can pass 
THAT test folks) & evening till now.  Including opening up a fingertip 
just to check my blood supply on a piece of tin from the new one.  Not to 
mention I'm now $415 poorer.  I never discuss the warranty on those 
things where they can here me, so they get confused and work for about 6 
months more than the warranty period.  If they can hear me, then they'll 
fall over not more than 3 days past the end of the warranty.  Its 
happened to me often enough to get my attention.

>I know that's not the answer you're after, but it might save a lot of
>hassle for them.

Lets make no bones about it here folks, Windoze is the hassle 99% of the 

>> I made a tmpdir on my 160GB, root, and copied stuff off till I had a
>> dvd full, minus about 200MB, but when I try to start the burn, I'm
>> getting the WAH WAH's from k3b.
>> The killer error message seems to be:
>> K3b
>> -----------------------
>> Size of filesystem calculated: 2169556

This turned out to be a kernel limitation, fixable with a simple cli 
command, and it was mentioned in a previous message in this thread.  Once 
that was issued, the burning was ok, and I've passed the disks back to 
them already.

Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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