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Re: FC6: Desktop Messed Up After Updates

Eric Mader wrote:
I wrote:
I did a clean install of FC6 x64. (On VMWare 6.0 Beta on a Vista Ultimate x64 (RTM) host.) When the system came up, it told me there were 156 updates. I applied all the updates except for frysk, which seems to have conflicts w/ the previous version.

When I rebooted the system, my desktop is completely messed up. All of the panels are gone execpt for one tiny one that has a few of the widgets I had installed the windows have different borders, and the terminal window seems to be larger and uses a different font.

I had a problem with control-center where all of my settings were goofed up. I downloaded the rpm and used rpm to replace the files and replace the package. Afterwards, I was able to get things to configure, though the settings were messed up even after installing the rpm.


Anyway, you should probably rum rpm -qa and look for output where the files are missing or of incorrect file parameters. You might have to output to a file since all of the prelink output is thrown out to the screen when verifying packages.


When in doubt, follow your heart.

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