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Re: Getting people into Linux

On Mon, 2007-01-01 at 14:41 -0600, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Dave Sampson wrote:
> > Now I know this is a devils advocate comment. I understand the DOZE 
> > works out of the box.
> DOZE works out of the box because it comes pre-installed on hardware
> carefully selected to work.  Subsequently, every organization running
> it needs an army of helpdesk people to maintain it.  Since those
> people are already in place they may not be noticed, but if you
> can track down the budget figures you can find them and their impact.
>  > Well so do some live CD's. or a Dirsto can be
> > modified by a local group for a school board. Then you GHOST/IMAGE the 
> > whole lab with that functionality. So yes say a solution like FEDORA may 
> > not be out of the box, but My system now does everything listed above.
> Even better, load k12ltsp (fedora plus what it takes to work out of
> the box) on one or a few servers and network boot all the desktop
> boxes which then obviously need no software maintenance and can either
> be new tiny low-power boxes or about any old PC that you already
> have around.

When you say "DOZE" works out of the box, you cannot be discussing
Windows, because it has so many flaws itself, other than web browsing or
email, that are simply due to poor choices of formats, encoding or poor
documentation to third parties that I have never had a windows system
that didn't need to reboot at least once every few days.  

Memory leaks, poor coordination between system calls, and lockups made
the BSD a part of even non-technical speech today.  Even Bill Gates
experienced it on one of their product roll-outs, and MS uses many linux
servers to support their own web offerings.  Moreover the standards are
so poorly documented that no one, not even windows own tech support can
explain to you what many of the entries in the "Registry" mean or how to
fix or correct it.  Audit tools are incomplete also due to the lack of
standards, and moreover the Registry is a single weak point in the
system that can damage the system so badly that Microsoft's support
folks will tell you to just format and reload when it becomes corrupt.

	So, I guess I am wondering just what operating system you are referring
to as "DOZE"?

Les H

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