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OT: query routers tables

This question is way off topic, sorry.  I have googled and googled and have not come up with a answer to my question.

I want to query a switch (via SNMP I think) to get a list of systems attached to it.  I am using Nagios and would like to determine switch/router dependencies.  Trace route will not work because it will not show routers/switches for systems on the same sub-net as the system doing the trace route and I have seen where it does not return the network based switch a system is attached to, just the router.  If I could get a list systems attached to a router/switch (not a personnel switch, a managed switch) I can correlate the information and build dependencies.  I have a hand-held Fluke network tester than runs Linux that will do this for me when I type in a hostname, I would rather do it programmaticly because I have over 300 systems I need to do.  I am open to any method that works that I can script so I don't have to do it every time a new system appears.  Just in case it matters some systems are attached to a V-lan off a managed switch and I do NOT have admin rights to the routers or switches.

Jamie Bohr
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