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Re: Custom DVD

Peter Astakhov wrote:
Mark Haney пишет:

Peter Astakhov wrote:

If I put FC6-CDx-*.iso somewhere in the network available via nfs, I can load from 1-st CD-disk, select installation method NFS and enter path to this isos. All ok. But if I put 5 iso-files on the DVD and try to install from my own DVD, installer can't found packages.

Why I want such DVD?
If you have DVD on destination computer, installation will be easy.
If you don't have DVD on destination computer - you can write ISO-s to CD and install FC from CD.

Is anybody can help me with this problem?

WBR, Peter (Zebar) Astakhov

I'm not too clear on what you are wanting to do. There are FC dvd ISOs available so if you need a DVD, then that's the way to go. Can you clarify what exactly you are looking to do?
I want to burn Fedora for my friends. Some of them have DVD on destination computers, but some - have only CD.
I can prepare 2 sets of disks - 5 CD or 1DVD.
But I want prepare only 1 set, which will be multipurpose - if you have DVD, you can download and install from this disk. If you have only CD - you can write 5 iso from DVD in any place and burn 5 CD.

Sorry for my English.
Peter (Zebar) Astakhov

The only thing I am not clear about is how you plan on getting the CD isos off the DVD if the client computer doesn't have a dvd drive?

Ita erat quando hic adveni.

Mark Haney
Sr. Systems Administrator
ERC Broadband
(828) 350-2415

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