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Re: DVD problem

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 16:09, tokyoi mac com wrote:
> On 3 Jan 2007, at 10:44, Anne Wilson wrote:
> >> [snip] I haven't tried vlc yet.  What I have done is removed xine
> >> and everything
> >> related that I could find that came from livna and installed the
> >> freshrpms
> >> versions, so that everything matches.  I have
> >> ffmpeg-0.4.9-0.7.20061215.fc6
> >> and faad2-2.5-1.fc6 which I believe are the freshrpms versions.
> >> Unfortunately it has made no difference.  Xine still tells me
> >>
> >> The source seems encrypted, and can't be read.
> >> Your DVD is probably crypted.  According to your country laws, you
> >> can or
> >> can't install/use libdvdcss to be able to read this disc which you
> >> bought.
> >> (Media stream scrambled/encrypted)
> >
> > On top of everything else, the change has broken mjpegtools.  It
> > was, of
> > course, uninstalled and had to be reinstalled, but it is no longer
> > possible
> > to edit an avi file with 'glav -p S filename.avi'.  I'm sick of
> > this kind of
> > fighting.  It looks as though I'd be better off compiling
> > mjpegtools from
> > source.
> I suspect that you may be better off re-installing xine as per the
> standard livna package 

This livna/freshrpms business is a real bind.

> and trying another way of de-crypting the BBC 
> disks. It may be of little help or consolation to you but I have had
> the same problem with BBC disks -- I have a 1992 set of DVDs which
> xine chews on for (what seems like) half an hour before returning an
> error message. 

I tried a recent BBC distribution of a 1970s series, The Lotus Eaters, and 
that ran fine in xine.  It seems that they are inconsistent.  They're not 
very linux friendly, either.  It must be at least 2 years since I complained 
to them that their audio clips were problematic.  

> VideoLan didn't fare any better either. I haven't 
> tried newer disks from the Beeb but am not holding out any hope. They
> are obviously encrypted in a commercially advantageous way because
> they work fine in my iBook and in my "real" DVD player, a Marantz. 

Yes, the disk in question works perfectly in my LiteOn stand-alone player.
> I 
> have started installing dvdrip from freshrpms but am still having fun
> working out the bits and bobs of missing library files ... :-)
I've installed it but not tried it yet.  Let us know how it goes?


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