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Re: Error installing FC6 x86_64

On 1/3/07, Alan <alan lxorguk ukuu org uk> wrote:
> That brings up a question...what *should* it be?  It was set in the
> BIOS to IDE.  As I understand it, to get the most speed/features out
> of these drives, it should be set to AHCI, correct?

Correct - AHCI turns on all the features like queued commands that make
SATA actually any more than PATA with a funny cable.

> Also, I've already done a couple OS installs on these drives, so it
> would appear changing the setting to AHCI will cause me to reinstall
> those OS's.

Possibly. Some older OS's (Linux and non Linux) also lack AHCI support

So for a desktop machine, is AHCI really desired?  I won't be doing
any hotplugging with the drives, command queing would be more for
servers and might provide slight overhead on a desktop machine...

But from what I have read in this thread, FC6 will not install on my
setup *without* AHCI enabled in the BIOS...why is that?

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