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Re: how to force the use of a web proxy?

Configure your firewall to accept outbound http/https requests only from the proxy server. If the users try to change their proxy settings, the firewall will block their attempts. That will not stop the users from accessing web servers on "creative" ports, but it's a good start.


On Jan 3, 2007, at 1:14 PM, Kevin Kempter wrote:

Hi List I have FC6, FC5, CentOS and Mepis boxes in my network. I have a proxy which filters web access. I want to be able to force the entire network to use the proxy. Currently I've simply gone to firefox and added the proxy to the connection settings - however any user could change this back to direct
connection if they wanted to...

How can I force the network for each box to use the proxy and basically not work at all if the user tries to use a direct connection to the internet?

Thanks in advance

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