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Re: XP/FC6 on separate drives : boot how??

On 1/3/07, Beartooth <Beartooth swva net> wrote:
I've just slogged through a very long  thread, commencing 04/06/06, on
a topic similar to what I need to ask. Most of the substantive part was
over my head; but I *think* it was largely if not entirely about FC4-5,
with occasional excursions back to FC2. So what I can't follow -- I'm a
not quite clueless power user, and no technoid at all -- may just possibly
be out of date. At any rate, let's take it again from the top. Pretty

   An electronic friend who not only speaks hardware but has probably
forgotten more about computer and the Net is having an odd problem.

     He's in the midst of very kindly assembling a machine to fit my
budget and his expertise; we worked our way through my needs and the
options, one decision being individual hard drives for XP and for FC6. He
seems to have it together, physically, already. He writes :

> I need the recipe you used for the Linux, Windoze dual boot. I've tried
> every recipe I have (spent most of the day yesterday on it) and so far
> can't get it to work. I can get each OS to boot by switching the drive
> boot priority from the BIOS but not by using the Windoze or Grub boot
> loaders.

     The only secret I know, as I've told him, is that XP has to go on
first. But surely he knows that better than I. I guessed it might be a
matter of some wrinkle needed in grub.conf -- so I sent him copies of my
present ones, on a machine with FC6 only, and on one that dual-boots
successfully (with only one hard drive afaik).

     Still no joy. He writes :

> I would appreciate it if you would query your lists. So far, my
> configuration is:

  sda1: 512 meg fat32
  sda2: 75 gig ntfs
  sdb1: 76 gig ext3

> Windoze is installed on the first drive with the boot loader on the
> fat32 partition. FC-6 is on the second drive. Linux did recognize
> Windoze during the install and configured Grub to the dual boot. I also
> tried the reverse using a LINUX.BIN file (created with dd containing the
> linux /boot partition) residing in the fat32 partition and loaded from
> the Windoze boot.ini. Only way I can boot to either drive is by swapping
> the drive priority in the bios. My best guess at this point is it has
> something to do with the SATA drives. I haven't tried it with PATA
> drives yet.

     -- and, in another reply :

> On Tue, 2 Jan 2007, Beartooth wrote:
> title Other
>        rootnoverify (hd0,0)
>         chainloader +1

> I'm running the same config in my grub.conf (menu.lst).

> I noticed that your dual boot machine is not invoking a Volume
> Group:

> root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

> but

> root=LABEL=/

> Wonder if I need to manually configure the Linux partition?

     Can anyone help?

I have found it easiest when booting multiple OSs to use gag

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