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Re: how to force the use of a web proxy?

Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi List I have FC6, FC5, CentOS and Mepis boxes in my network. I have a proxy 
> which filters web access. I want to be able to force the entire network to 
> use the proxy. Currently I've simply gone to firefox and added the proxy to 
> the connection settings - however any user could change this back to direct 
> connection if they wanted to...
> How can I force the network for each box to use the proxy and basically not 
> work at all if the user tries to use a direct connection to the internet?
> Thanks in advance

Set the proxy up in transparent mode.

multiple options for configuration are listed at (of many places)


Tony Placilla, RHCT, GSEC
anthony_placilla suth com

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