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Re: C++ XML Parser

James Kosin wrote:
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Mike - EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
Can someone recommend an XML parser for
for use with C++?


An XML parser is more or less a text parser.
Usually best to write your own.  It is very simple design and

Yikes! This is a very bad suggestion. The idea behind standards like XML is to have standard tools to work with them, thus eliminating repeating the same mistakes in every implementation. You don't go writing a new regular expression parser every time you need regexes do you? To answer the original email, there are a few XML parsers in common use out there. The main ones for UNIX are probably libxml and expat.

http://xmlsoft.org/ (and the C++ bindings http://libxmlplusplus.sourceforge.net/ )
and http://expat.sourceforge.net/

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