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Re: C++ XML Parser

> Yikes! This is a very bad suggestion. The idea behind standards like XML is
> to have standard tools to work with them, thus eliminating repeating the
> same mistakes in every implementation. You don't go writing a new regular
> expression parser every time you need regexes do you? To answer the
> original email, there are a few XML parsers in common use out there. The
> main ones for UNIX are probably libxml and expat.
> http://xmlsoft.org/ (and the C++ bindings
> http://libxmlplusplus.sourceforge.net/ ) and http://expat.sourceforge.net/

I second that. Writting your own does not strike me as a good idea, as there 
are many out there. Why waste effort re-inventing the wheel.

Just to add another, I work on a project that uses Xerces. I don't work much 
myself on the part that interacts with this directly, so I cannot say if I 
recommend it or not, but it seems to work just fine in our case, which is 
parsing *lots* of XML for data.



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