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Re: DVD problem

Hi, Anne

lets go by parts. As I said before, I do not know why xine is not
reading your dvds.

1) Xine should be statically linked against ffmpeg,
so it will not be affected by the update. xine-lib comes from extras.
You only need the gui (xine) and the non free part:
xine-lib-moles from freshrpms (equivalent to xine-lib-extras-nonfree
from livna).

2) On the other hand, the update will fix libavcodec, needed by mplayer.
Therefore, you have three programs to try: xine, mplayer and vlc. All of
them use libdvdcss, that you have to install.

3) mjpegtools 1.9.0 has a bug. It does not recognize -p S
The command 

'lavplay -p S filename.avi'

gives: Unknown playback mode: 'S'
Version 1.9.1 from cvs (ATrpms) fixes this, and works
with libquicktime 0.9.8.


I suppose you were using mjpegtools 1.8.

3) dvdrip is based on transcode, and uses mjpegtools for SVCD encoding.
I have used it many times for converting a dvd to avi (compressing with xvid, in general).
It is very simple to use, but it has to be able to rip the dvd first. Otherwise, nothing else
can be done.

It is transcode that forces the upgrade of mjpegtools to 1.9.
And finally, mythtv (a very popular PVR) requires transcode.

The main problem is that everything is connected, and must match.

/Paulo Roma

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