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Re: Getting people into Linux

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 19:08:38 PM -0500, William Case
(billlinux rogers com) wrote:

> I am going to top post because I won't be directly addressing the
> points made

Then why did you retransmit the whole message you replied to? Top
post, bottom post, side post...  but please trim as much as possible
before starting to type. Thanks from all people with metered
connections, who pay every byte they download even if they had already
read it...

> The utilities are the best in the world developed in self-interest
> by programmers, administrators and information technicians.  It
> appears that the same kind of interest has not gone into building
> and creating usability for the user.
> By far, the greatest number of people out there just want to write
> reports or novels, draw or create industrial designs, solve problems
> that require higher level mathematics or do their bookkeeping, etc.,
> etc., They want their computers to 'just work'.

Absolutely correct. If more hackers and FOSS advocates could see and
accept this fact, Gnu/Linux desktop would already be much more common
than they are!

> 1) A foundation or institution with free information for developers
> and others that provided statistics about computer use

Please note that this wouldn't be of much benefit without a way to
force programmers, or at least distribution packagers, to _use_ that
information, that is to _have_ interest "into building and creating
usability for the user", rather than coding to scratch one's itch.

Happy 2007,

The right way to make everybody love Free Standards and Free Software:

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