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Re: Getting people into Linux

Sorry Marco;

> > I am going to top post because I won't be directly addressing the
> > points made
>  Thanks from all people with metered
> connections, who pay every byte they download even if they had already
> read it...
No excuse.  I don't pay for each byte and get careless.  I'll take the
extra few seconds to see what can be snipped in the future.

> > 1) A foundation or institution with free information for developers
> > and others that provided statistics about computer use
> Please note that this wouldn't be of much benefit without a way to
> force programmers, or at least distribution packagers, to _use_ that
> information, that is to _have_ interest "into building and creating
> usability for the user", rather than coding to scratch one's itch.

Force is not necessary.  This a free and open source movement, fuelled
in no small part by personal competition between developers trying to do
better than the other guy or trying to be the best.  If the data is
useful, it will be used -- particularly if its spiced with debate about
its value as a design tool and its use as a possible standard.

Regards Bill

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